Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Well, the scales are still wacked out ... but for now they're heading in the right direction so, yay.

Have maintained good behaviour for a week! That is a serious break-through. No biscuits at work and all healthy lunches. My new favourite lunch is a small salad from Iku of steamed veggies (mainly zucchini, brocoli, carrot, beans - no carbs) and some steamed purple cabbage and beet salad with a teeny bit of tahini and garlic/herb dressing, plus five or so 9-grain vitawheats with either chicken, tuna or Laughing Cow cheese. Perfect!

Feeling good, like things are heading in the right direction. Have regained some semblance of focus, which is great.

Exercise over the last week or so:

Last Tuesday - pump/combat double
Wednesday - 6.5km run
Thursday - nothing
Friday - rest!
Saturday - 8km run plus 15km hiking with 10kg pack
Sunday - 15km hiking with 10kg pack (was an overnight hike)
Monday - rest, thank god
Tuesday (today) - pump/combat double

Tomorrow is 7km running - 2km warm-up plus 5km time trial - aiming for under 28 mins

Thursday - yet to be determined
Friday will definitely be a rest day, as Saturday running 10km and then on Sunday going for around 18/20km (or two hours).

I am finding myself back in the good habit, that I find works best for myself, which is to simply say "no" when I am considering bad stuff like biscuits at work. Have had a few low-fat hot chocolates, plus some soy mochas but really, that's it.

So, I'm happy so far. Trick is, as ever, to maintain it. But I am the 80/20 girl, I believe in five days of crystal clear good behaviour, plus two days where I can take it a bit easy. Maybe go to dinner/lunch etc and have a few drinkies.

Scales are in good territory now, will see if they can stay there. Must do measurements!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Woman on a mission

Weirdness continues on the scales! Today am UP 1kg compared with yesterday. Although today feel 1001 times better than yesterday. Something baaaad was going on in my stomach, it felt bloated and tight, and I found trying to clench my stomach muscles really hurt a bit. Poor insides are in a bit of a mess after DREADFUL eating on the weekend.

It wasn't so much the quantity as the quality, which I find is often the problem when staying with friends who don't eat the same way I do. Biggest problem was - lack of fruit and good veg. Oh, and a disgusting KFC incident. Although I ended up just eating some chips, I determined they were probably the lesser evil compared to the fried chicken. The GOOD that came out of it, for there is good in every bad situation!, was that I NEVER want to eat it again. Sometimes I get cravings for junk like KFC, and I can honestly say I didn't enjoy any of it - so now I can remind myself of that the next time I have a crease craving.

I have got myself right back on track though. Yesterday I was tempted by the work cookie jar (x2), but I had porridge with a banana for breakfast, apple and mandarin for a snack, a lamb salad wrap for lunch, a banana for an afternoon snack and then did the Pump/Combat double. Pump was okay, but during combat my stomach felt super-horrible and I really only went at about 70-80% of what I usually would. Mind you, I was still going harder than most of the people in the class and worked up a good sweat.

Today I have REALLY pulled my finger out. Running training for the next half-marathon with CanToo starts this afternoon and I am starting a 3-month campaign of fitness and health. So, after getting up pre-6am, getting dressed and driving my car (and self) over to the other side of the city so I can be at training on time, I headed to the supermarket where I bought supplies. I got a new variety of porridge - the Weightwise version from Uncle Toby's. It's probably not as good as regular oats (and sure as heck doesn't taste as good), but it has extra fibre and protein which has to be a good thing. I also paid a small fortune for a teeny packet of Chia seeds, which are like flaxseeds and currently being promoted as the next "super food". Packed with omega-3s - which are good for helping reduce inflammation (caused by running and stuff), plus anti-oxidants and protein. I put about half a teaspoon or so over my porridge.

You can eat them whole, unlike flaxseeds, and apparently they keep better as well. They didn't add any flavour, but they were great to crunch on! I am already a big fan.

I also added about a tablespoon of dried fruit and nuts just to mix it up a bit.

I need to get the tape measure out to do some "before" measuring. I do want to lose 4-5kg on the scales, but since I seem to be able to lose 3kg over the course of two days, and then regain it, I think a tape measure might be a bit more reliable way of measuring results.

Here is a relatively vague weekly workout plan for the next month or so:
Sunday - 30 min light run
Monday - 40 min tempo run plus Body Attack or Body Pump (or both!)
Tuesday - double-class Pump and Combat
Wednesday - CanToo track session (will add a class in here during the day soon)
Thursday - Cardio plus Pump
Friday - rest day
Saturday - long run plus strength training (pump or weights)

Need to try to get to the Core class at the gym - there's one at Friday lunchtime so might try that one.

Okay, off to face the work day.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A new class and OUCH

Oh boy, my abs are killing me. In that SERIOUS way where it hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, yawn, stretch and ... yeah, everything hurts. What've I done? I did the Body Core class at Fitness First. Holy moly. At the time I definitely felt like it was working, although to be honest I found myself so frustrated through-out most of the class at my lack of balance and general core strength that I was too busy hacking on myself (mentally, not literally) that I managed to ignore most of the pain.

I will DEFINITELY be putting this one into the weekly rotation though, I think it will do me wonders combined with everything else.

So, since last Saturday here's what I've done:
Sat: run 16km
Sun: body attack class
Mon: whoot, a movie! And nothing else as I was SICK
Tues: body combat
Wed: Core
Thur: Pump

Tomorrow I won't be able to squeeze a class or run in as I have to get to work early so that I may leave SUPER early to get myself to the airport on time.

I have decided to have a break weekend from serious exercise. Since I am having a break from Sydney, I thought it was a good time to have a break from running/gym etc. And I will be in Wagga without my beloved car so I imagine there will be some walking done.

From Monday, however, it's back on the serious straight and narrow for three months. I am tossing up trying Michelle Bridges' 12 week challenge or whatever it's called, it's not a huge spend and - who knows - I might pick up some tips or, if nothing else, some motivation.

Did an incredibly stupid thing yesterday and today, although it's partially not my fault as I did not have much of an option. I wore two skirts that were really a teeny bit too small right now. Not catastrophically tight, nothing split or anything, but I just felt horrible, uncomfortable and, well, fat. It kind of made me miserable but I'm determined now to turn that feeling into a positive by making it my motivation to stay on course next week.

Seriously, a month of good behaviour and I will be heading in the right direction, I really think I just need to clear my head out of the city with some good friends and I will feel much better.

Oh, and sleep is important too ... so, goodnight!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What I know...

not much, essentially! But I do know what's right, for me, and what's wrong.

Mentioned previously how I had a baaaad week for food, not completely disastrous but certainly up there on the bad carbs ranking. And whoah, is it hitting my body! Weight hasn't substantially changed, yet, but I am feeling an extra kg or so in the stomach area. Oh joy.

So, here's what I know. I absolutely need a low-er carb diet. I refuse to go with no carbs because - hello - training for a half marathon and a zero carb diet just won't cut it. That being said, on Saturday I went for a 16km run (admittedly at a slower pace than I usually would) without carbing it up the night before and without my usual morning prep. AND I had a cold/sore throat thing. So, I think I'm getting fitter.

Anyhoo, obviously the pizza/thai week was super bad, but I have definitely let more carbs into my life than I need to. I really want to trim down those extra KGs for the next half-marathon, which is four weeks away, AND even moreso for the September half-marathon.

Number one, is to cut the booze. Empty carbs and calories. Yeah, alright, I enjoy it - but I have really been going way overboard. A bottle of wine on the average big night out - that's a whoooole lotta calories. This weekend is my last hurrah, as I'm heading for a wine tasting event, but after that - I'm on the dry and narrow. Hee hee.

Number two, cut the bloody biscuits. God damn biscuit jar at work. It gets me all the time. Some days one, some two, one day I had FOUR - holy jeezus, and I don't even eat them at home.

Obviously, I can do some little treats ... problem is I keep forgetting what I've already had because it's that "mindless eating", where you're just shoving stuff in and not really thinking about it or enjoying it. It would be much better if I saved the biscuit enjoyment for when I was home, tucked up on the couch, and not sitting in front of my desk at work stressing over the next piece of work that needs to be done.

Number three, veggies in all their forms. This is what works for me. I am giving myself free reign to essentially eat as much as I want of the following at all meals (excluding breakfast): cucumber, lettuce, spinach, carrot, zucchini, brussel sprouts, capsicum, celery, beans/peas, tomato, mushrooms ... and whatever else I've forgotten. Here's what I know works for me food wise: huuuuuge stack of veggies, small chicken breast/steak/lamb chops/tofu/fish, a potato/half a sweet potato/half a cut of rice/pasta, plus a splash of sauce. I stuck to that for a loooong time for lunch and dinner (although lunch I'd often swap the potato/rice etc for a bread roll. So I'm going back to what works.

Number four, detecting hunger. Previously, I would think about whether I was actually hungry (ie: what I had eaten/done that day etc) or if I was bored/tired/stressed etc. It took a while to adapt, but eventually I could actually control my hunger. Hah, no more! These days I often don't even give myself a chance to think before I'm shoving something (not always bad) inside my mouth. So, like when I quit another bad habit, when I feel the urge to eat instead I will: drink a cup of green/herbal tea, drink a litre of water or similar. Once I have done that and waited 10 minutes, if I still feel like eating I can have something.

Number five, don't think. I used to have a way of tricking myself (I've mentioned this before) so I didn't eat things I shouldn't. I would just say loudly, in my mind, NO. I didn't have that debate with myself - because man, I am soooo good at talking up the positives of getting that piece of banana bread with honeycomb butter. I just said no. And no, meant no. The minute I felt my brain starting to go into pro-con mode, I said NO again. Sounds crazy, but it really worked.

Example. Tonight after work I couldn't do my pump/combat double as I got stuck back at work late. I did combat, however. I had a protein drink thingy, which is about 300 calories, telling myself when I got home I would just have a piece of fruit for dinner. I don't get home until about 9pm anyway on Tuesdays. So, I got home - cold and tired after a bit of a shocker of a bus ride, and was all geared up for soup. It's not bad soup, it's really v. light and healthy, but I didn't need it! Instead, I ate an apple. It was a big kick-ass apple I can tell you, but that was all I needed. Then I had a nice hot choc - with honey and cocoa. And yeah, totally satisfied. Stick to the no!

Hmm, I think that's it.

Deep down, I know what works. Lately I have been doing this pathetic "oh, I don't know why these extra KGs are creeping on, blah blah genetics crap crap". I do know! Sure, some people could do what I do - exercise wise - and eat much worse than me and be thinner. Tough sh*t. I can't. For whatever reason I have an unforgiving metabolism where I really cannot let those little incidents happen.

I have been remembering this moment from 2006. It was an awesome moment. It's quite narcisistic, so apologies. But understand, only 12 months prior to this event I had weighed at least 25kg more and was unhealthy and miserable. Anyhoo, I was in Newtown and was walking up to meet some friends at the pub (where I was going to sip on a single gin and tonic - lower cals - and chat). I was wearing my first pair of size 10 jeans and a size M singlet (breakthrough), and I was probably about 3kg lighter but a lot fitter and more toned than where I am now. Back then I did A LOT more cross training as I wasn't doing the half-marathon stuff - an average week for me involved running 35km all up, doing 11 gym classes split between pump and combat, plus some extra cardio stuff.

So anyhoo, I was walking along in Newtown on a stinking hot summer's day. The previous summer had been miserable, squeezing into horrible size 16 jeans, sweating like a pig etc and feeling like everything was sticking to me. Which is probably was. I happened to glance in a shop window as I walked by and - narcisism, argh - I was seriously taken aback by my reflection. Were they MY slim thighs? OMG, yes. Was that my tiny, toned waist? Yes! Etc etc.

Flash forward to this week where I have been stunned and horrified by the changes in my body over the last month. Arggggh.

I won't go into it, suffice to say I ain't happy with stuff.

I know I can't essentially go back to 2006. I was younger-ish, but I also worked much differently. While I started at 5am, I finished by 12.30pm and was generally home by 1.30pm. Plenty of time to eat lunch and have a nice two hour nap or so, before heading off to the gym for 5pm or so.

Flash forward to now. Yeah, I start at around 8.30am ... but instead of hoping in a taxi at 4.30am I'm spending 40-50 minutes on public transport. So let's move that back to 7.30am. THEN, I need a bit longer to get ready (used to spend 30 minutes or less) as I have a lot more contact with clients - so let's make that 40 min to an hour to get ready. That's 6.30am. THEN, I finish at around 5.30pm. Plus, I actually have to work a LOT harder as I'm not just doing subbing and moving words around a bit - I'm actually doing STUFF that requires effort and mental energy.

Anyhoo, this is life. Yeah, I need to stop comparing - for my own sanity, and maybe I can cut myself a teeny bit of slack. Ultimately, however, I need to find a way that works for me - whatever that is. I did it before, and I need to do it again.

Will report back in a week or two, post wine tasting etc. Not that I imagine anyone is reading this, but I would dearly love to look back on this post in three months - at least 5kg lighter and a lot more toned and fit.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Strange fluctuations!

For the first time in a long time I've been regularly weighing myself, and I think now I remember why. Quite seriously, in the course of four days my weight quite literally fluctuated by three or four kilos. Unbelievable.

I must admit, it's not been a great week body-wise. I really haven't felt like myself. I did Combat on Monday, Pump/Combat double on Tuesday and then was SHATTERED for the next three days. On the Wednesday after the double my calf muscles were sore ... and during the day it got worse and worse and they were just two blocks of knotted muscle. Super painful. I think it was because I had a very busy day where I was sitting down for long blocks. Anyway, they were still agony to the touch three days later.

Thursday and Friday I started to feel tired and sick, scratchy sore throat and very tired. Unfortunately I have faaar too much on at work at the moment to take a day off, and I am only a few weeks (well, five I think) away from the Gold Coast half so I must keep the KMs and exercise up.

Ran 16km this morning with some of the CanToo crew. I ran at a slower pace than I would usually say is comfortable for me, but it was fun to run as a group and chat along the way. Supposed to be doing another hour/10km tomorrow but we shall see if I can manage that.

Think the weight fluctuations are to do with weird TOTM, had a demonic ovary month with shocking cramps and mood swings. But who knows.

I managed to do better with food this week - much, much better than the previous week of pizza, Thai and repeat. Next week, though, will be even better as I'm just going to stick to veg, lean meat/tuna, fruit and low GI carbs. Hopefully this will help things energy-wise as I always feel better when I eat cleanly. I guess it's nice to deviate every now and then though, if only to remind myself of why I stick on the straight and narrow.

Think I have really been doing a bit too much, not so much this week as over previous weeks and months. Looking in my diary I have barely had a weekend where there's not been 1001 things to be done for many months. Late nights, no relaxing between flat out weeks and work with stress and huge work loads.

Ahhh, I really just need to go back to basics - which is the best thing to do at times like this. Simple food, good sleep, exercise, stretching - and repeat.

Depending on which day it is, I'm anywhere between 2kg and 5kg away from where I'd really like to be. I feel confident, though, that with a month of good behaviour things should sort themselves out. Must get my tape measure out, as I've always found that a much better gauge of things.