Tuesday, 19 January 2010


If any random person reading this can help me ... please do!

How much should I be eating? Last year I saw a nutritionist in an attempt to trim down ahead of my first half-marathon for 2009. Her advice was a low GI diet, with around 1300 to 1500 calories a day. In terms of exercise, on an average week I do:

3 x running sessions (two 30-40 mins, one 60mins)
3 x swimming sessions (three pool, one surf)
Pump x 2
Bikram x 2

Obviously I double up sometimes :)

Anyhoo, I spoke to a friend of mine who is a PT who worked out my base metabolic rate (or something) and she said based on those figures (which included height, weight, activity level, age) I should be eating more like 2,000 calories a day!

What the? And she suggested that I wasn't eating enough, which was slowing my metabolism down, which was why I was having trouble with random weight gain.

Does this sound vaguely plausible? I'm so confuzed. Situation normal really, but if I'm doing the absolute wrong thing, I'd love to know!


Monday, 11 January 2010

The de-clutter

I am now ready to face the new decade (don't start with me about it not being the new decade, I am calling it the new decade - the end!) after spending a good chunk of the glorious weekend cleaning up my flat.

I should say, that at no point is it ever terribly dirty. It's just messy because it's tiny and I have a lot of stuff. Plus, I tend to be quite sentimental with things so find it hard to throw them away. Not on the weekend! I did have reinforcements though, in the form of my mum and dad. Ahh yes, it's sad but I think they quite enjoyed it - especially bossing me around! I didn't work them too hard, but they helped me to be more objective about things. I got rid of old linen and towels, or at least got them out of the house. I did a major clothing audit and got rid of anything that was old, didn't fit (either too big or way too small), I didn't wear for whatever reason etc etc. It was impressive. I did the same to my rather impressive shoe collection, and threw out seven pairs! Most of them were old, or ones that I had bought on the spur of the moment and ignored the fact they were inappropriate/uncomfortable etc.

Ahh, brilliant. Then I gave the house a major clean from top to bottom, including borrowing my mum's fancy steam mop to do the bathroom and kitchen. Both are tiny, so it took about three minutes to do. But it feels great.

I feel totally cleansed! I also ordered some new bookshelves, which are coming this weekend, so I can finally sort out my books. I love books and refuse to throw them away, but they are currently scattered through-out the house. One small bookshelf, two boxes, and a stack of about 15 next to my bed.


So, running has been converted to swimming for a little while until the running training season starts properly in February. I did a 2km ocean race at Newport last weekend. The weather was HORRENDOUS. Windy, raining, cold and a big heavy swell with 2m waves that were dumping right on the beach. I may be mad, but I loved it. Aside from anything else, it was warmer in the water than outside it - especially when in a swimming costume. About halfway through I found myself marvelling at the amazing feeling of going over the big hump of a wave, being lifted up and gently sliding down it. Feeling fit and healthy, swimming 2km at 10am on a wet and cold Sunday morning when a good proportion of Sydney-siders were still tucked up in bed or, at the very least, inside enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee.

I hate swimming much less than I did two months ago, but I am still really looking forward to getting back into serious running. I've been picking it up a bit myself, and have a fair way to go to get as fit (in terms of running) as I would like to be before training starts.

Anyway, here's to a de-cluttered 2010 and decade.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I have waved goodbye to a very challenging year and welcomed in a fresh new one from Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. It was an awesome evening. Didn't drink too much, just a moderate amount. Camped out under the stars, which was just lovely - mild night, light breeze to keep the air fresh. I decided to just sleep on a yoga mat, as it was easier to carry than an air mattress or similar. Wish I'd taken a better pillow though, just used a fleece top which didn't really do much. Means today is pretty much a write off as my neck is soooo unbelievably sore and I'm so tired from no sleep. I did a 1.8km swim yesterday morning though, and have done a fair bit of walking today so it's not so bad.

Christmas with the family was fantastic. Naturally we all ate far too much food, but it was good and Christmas only comes once a year ... thank god!

I am trying not to be disappointed with myself at the moment. I'm starting the year off pretty much where I was at the beginning of 2009, about 5kg heavier than where I want to be! I feel like I should give myself a break though because I'm still struggling to develop a functional routine around my new work hours AND get used to my new job. I haven't been going too crazy, but I think I'm just the type of person who cannot afford to slack off at all. I just need to get back to much lighter eating.

I initially freaked out a bit and started looking at detox diets, nothing too crazy, and diet plans etc but then I realised I know this stuff! I know what I'm doing wrong/right etc and all I need is a bit of extra planning, motivation and focus.

Main focus is to have a "good month". Just one month of eating right, getting MUCH more sleep, more regular exercise and especially need to get back to the gym.

Speaking of sleep... it's time for an early night.