Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Time to get help

Whoo, three times in a week. What's going on! Lots, is the answer.
After my all out, all change post I decided to take all my measurements and write them down. To be blunt, I was HORRIFIED. Looking in the mirror was NOT a pleasant experience and discovering I'd put at least 6cm onto my waist was just heartbreaking. All that hard work gone in a few weeks of careless eating and doing not much at all.

So after a minor freak out and contemplation of going on a diet of protein, vegetables and water I decided it was time to call in the experts. Say what you will about Jenny Craig (money-grubbing etc etc), they've helped a lot of people lost weight over the years and taught them how to maintain it. Losing weight is not the problem for me ... maintaining that loss is, because I lose focus and don't seem to manage to move into the maintenance stage of weight loss - and there is one!

My first meeting was a little confronting as it involved a tape measure, scales and looking at my diet. My two problem areas in terms of diet are alcohol and, get this, NOT eating enough at the right times and not eating enough when exercising. Who knew! My general diet plan has always been to eat mainly protein and veggies, and essentially as few carbs as possible really. To quote a great movie, I was doing it wrong. Smaller portions, lower calories, balance of everything (carbs, fats, protein, veggies etc) at regular intervals through the day = having more energy, feeling more awake AND losing at least 3cm off my waist in about a week! I also feel so, so much better ... I do actually have more energy and I had the best night's sleep I've had for aggges last night. The cooler weather and sleep-inducing rain on the roof probably helped too.

Of course, cutting the booze completely would've saved me a good couple of thousand calories too. It's quite miraculous though, I went out to see a band with friends on Saturday night and did not touch a drop of alcohol. Unheard of for me! I'm no boozer, but I love a drink here and there. But I stuck to soda water with lemon, and a cheeky diet coke because I was falling asleep. I saved a fortune because I didn't drink and drove so no taxis, AND I woke up early the next day feeling good.

It's amazing the different a few CMs and kilo or two makes, whether you've gained or lost it, for me it's the difference between feeling comfortable and feeling uncomfortable and unattractive. Critical time now, need to maintain this behaviour through some challenging situations (Christmas Parties, dinners etc).

Onwards and downwards.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

going my own way

Had to skip Pump last night as I was trapped at work until 8pm and didn't walk in the front door until around 8.40pm. This morning I could not face any of the classes on offer at the gym, so I made up my own cardio/weights mix.

15 mins on cross trainer
5 mins of rowing machine

10 push-ups (on toes)
20 squats
20 circles forward with 2kg hand weights (arms out parallel to ground)
20 circles backward with 2kg hand weights (as above)
20 overhead presses

Three times through

Working set:
10 kettlebell swings with 16kg
20 one-arm clean and press with 12kg kettlebell (10 on each arm)
10 dynamic lunges
10 backward stepping lunges

Five times through

10 v-sits
20 seated paddlers with 6kg medicine ball
1 min standard plank
30 second plank on both left and right

three times through

And done! Was probably working at about 70% for most of it, can't really hammer back into it after taking a good six-week break from this sort of training, but felt good!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

All out, all change

Ahh, well it's been a LONG time between blogs! FB and Twitter have taken over ... as has wordpress, which is w
here I'll be heading next I think.

Been a crazy busy year with lots of highs and lows, highest points were moving house in a bid to save some money and get acclimatised to living with people again after a three-year stint alone. I suddenly realised how miserable my flat was making me - too small, too far away from everyone, too far from work etc etc. It's been a great move, and my flatmate is wonderful but has enough funny quirks that she keeps me entertained.

Another high point was running a marathon. I'd always been secretly afraid of setting myself such a big goal. I knew that if I trained for it properly I would be able to do it, but I really, really wasn't sure if I could stick to a five-month training regime. Well, I did! And I pretty well nailed that dirty bugger :) The day turned out to be very hot, completely out of the blue, and very dry and dusty. Not great running conditions. But everyone suffered and we all made it. "We" being my running buddies and I. Not everyone achieved their goal times, but the main goal is really to finish anyway.

Low points. Got to be being made redundant from my job. Handled terribly by the company I was working for. Essentially, on Tuesday we were told they were restructuring the department and 50% of jobs were going, we had to reapply for the positions we wanted (had to, yes, at this stage redundancy wasn't offered), on the Wednesday and Thursday of the same week we had interviews, and on the Friday we were told of the results. To be honest, I wasn't overly surprised but I was still disappointed and it was still a shock. Worse was still to come, as redundancy still wasn't on the table and I was encouraged to focus on "redeployment", but they couldn't tell me how long I was going to stay in my job for etc. Finally about a week and a half I was told that I was being offered a redundancy, but had to work for another three weeks to receive it. Which was 'fine', but it kinda sucks to have to hang around with former colleagues who've taken your job (not on purpose, but you know what I mean).

The other low comes soon after this as I started a new job, but it has pretty much turned out to be a complete disaster. Small company with no procedures, processes, documentation and zero training or support. It's been a seriously miserable couple of months struggling through trying to teach myself how to use the system and deal with client issues etc. I'm really hoping things get better soon, but I'm throwing myself into it 200% from tomorrow to try and make things better from my side. Will then give it another few months and reassess.

So that's just about brought me up to speed for this year. A combination of running the marathon, stopping running due to (minor) injury and just being kinda sick of running, work/stress etc means an extra 3-5 kgs have crept on. Small fry I know, but on my small frame it makes a big difference and I am nooot happy about it. But instead of throwing myself into exercise and eating like a bird for a few weeks to resolve it, I'm really assessing how I can make permanent and effective (healthy) changes that will allow me to maintain a healthy weight rather than having to resort to extremes.

Eating is pretty simple - cut out the naughty bits that have crept in is number one. Because I was running so much I could allow myself these little treats, but now I've pulled right back I've had to pull them out ... but it took me a while to recognise this ... or maybe accept it. Things like chips, chocolate, biscuits, cheese and biscuits. I didn't eat any of them that much or every day, but a bag of chips one day, a chocolate bar another, cheese another = 3 or 5kg gain!

So I'm back to my older way of eating - low dairy, gluten-free where possible, low carb, low GI, lots of lean protein and veggies. Breakfast is five-grains organic porridge with some almond butter and rice milk, snacks are nuts or veggies, one piece of fruit a day, sheep milk yoghurt, lunch is a salad with lots of bits and pieces (eg: broccoli, capsicum, celery, carrots, baby spinach, cucumber, egg/chicken/tuna), and dinner is a big half-plate of veggies and around 200g of lean protein.

Trying out a mix of different exercises/regimes to see what I like and keep things interesting. This week I'm planning:
Monday: 30 min run in the morning and pump class in the evening
Tuesday: Bikram yoga (evening)
Wednesday: Fun yoga in the evening
Thursday: 30 min run and kickboxing training, yeah!
Friday: Tabata session or Bikram
Saturday: cycle class plus weights

Just need to write it all down so that I have a record of it - especially in my mind.

Obviously this won't be the same every week, but so long as I do something 3 or 4 days a week plus eat well, things will move in the right direction and I'll maintain my sanity.