Thursday, 20 August 2009

I want to move!

I need to vent. I soooo want to move house. There is nothing really holding me back aside from economic rationalism. I rent from a friend, who gives me a VERY good/cheap rate on his one-bedroom flat. It's obscene, I should literally be paying $100 a week more. It is, however, in the middle of nowhere! I moved there nearly two years ago and just feel like I need a change. I haaate moving, but I am sick of being in the 'burbs, I miss the hustle and bustle of Newtown, where there are weird and wonderful sights to be seen every night and it only costs $15 in a taxi to get home. $20 tops.

I would be looking at paying at least $250 to $300 in rent, plus all the same bills, and I would have to spend more time travelling to work, travelling to where my running group trains. So I'm really best of staying put for a while.

But my feet are itching!

Ohh well. For now the economic rationalist in me will keep me where I am ... but for how long!?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Not dead ... but refocussed!

Have finally got over the maddening poison-ivy itching and my tan is, alas, fading.

The only thing remaining from my fab Hawaiian holiday is my gut! Although a better description is some extra padding around the stomach. Damn that food. I have been struggling badly with jet lag and loss of routine since I came back but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm regaining some sort of control. Helped by the fact I've had the last two days off work, as part of the roster not on annual leave, and I've caught up on a heap of washing and cleaning. And food shopping.

Going on a bit of a sugar-free diet. Well, refined sugar-free anyway and processed food-free. Although I hate the word diet. Rather, I'm just trying to cut out a heap of rubbish. It's all fruit, veg, plain yoghurt, nuts and seeds and green tea. Basic meal structure has been: 1/2 cup organic muesli with 2 tabs plain greek yoghurt and 1/4 cup organic skim milk; piece of fruit for a snack; either a salad with egg or tuna or sandwich with burgen bread with much the same; dinner has been 1/2 cup Doongara (LowGI) rice/Quinoa or pasta/soba noodles with either grilled or oven baked chicken or fish and a load of veggies. Only using fresh herbs and spices to season.

So far ... urgh, I'm a bit tired but that could be from a range of things! Not drinking alcohol for about three weeks either ... or for as long as I can hold off for anyway. A glass or two is alright, but no big nights until Friday 25th of September.

Race is five weeks away. Don't think I'm on track for 1hr 55min but if I can get under 1hr 57min I will be happy. Although, I really enjoyed running the Gold Coast half-mara with no real goal beyond under 2hours so I might just stick with that again. Frankly I'm not some super star athlete, and I don't think there's anything wrong with running something for enjoyment rather than to two a minute or two off your time. I'm in this running gig for the long run, not short term, so I think enjoyment is far better than results. For now.

I've entered though! Yikes! Roll on September 20th. I want to lose a good 5cm off my waist by then. Think once I bash off the holiday bloat it will all trim down quite quickly. It's all those refined carbs that have pumped me up! Oh, and the booze.

Things at work are a bit hairy right now ... find out about my job (ie: if I still have one) in about a week and a half. Just carrying on with business as usual until then. But man, fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed! Do not want to have to start looking for a new job right now!

Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm back

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I have crossed the dateline twice though on my trip to Hawaii. Which was ... mixed. I will report back about that later.

I managed to gain about 2kg in 8 days due to dodgy eating and probably moreso drinking practically every day. Some days one beer, some days several cocktails (too many!). Ahhh, but I enjoyed it all.

Now, back to reality! Skinny jeans still fit JUST, but would not wear them just yet. Time for two weeks of serious hardcore clean eating and exercising. Arrived home at 9.10pm last night, in bed by 10.30pm and woke up at 6am this morning to hit the gym. Today's challenge is to stay awake (hello, coffee run approaching), get some food in the fridge (emptied it out before I left) and find a place to put all my new-found goodies!

Did some AMAZING and gorgeous runs over there, including Diamond Head in Waikiki. It's a volcano crater that has a track up - winding around it a bit - 11km up. I didn't quite run all the way to the top ... only because there was a group of army boys (US army that is) doing some sort of training that looked evil. Running up and down from the summit to near where I was (at a lookout) with what looked like very heavy packs. But I think I got about 3/4 of the way up. A good 90minute run, with about 30mins of that UP this serious mountain/volcano. Man, it hurt BAD. And strained my calf in the process so for the next two days was grimacing a bit. But I did it!

Was sooo lovely to be hot and sweaty again, without having to go to the Bikram studio! Can't wait for summer. Today is a rude shock - it's currently 5C where I live. Winter woolies and uggies ahoy! Brrrr.

Anyway, just wanted to log a bit of a 'commitment' to healthy eating. The food was dreadful, very high GI so found myself eating high calorie meals that burnt up very quickly and left me hungry two hours later. Need lots of veg, salad, fruit and lean fish/meat. No more pineapple. Urgh, ate enough to cover about 10 Hawaiian pizzas. So different over there! So much sweeter.

Gotta get out running this arvo - have new running shoes! So long as it doesn't rain it will all be good.