Monday, 11 February 2013

Karma ... a classic tale

Trawling back to the beginning of 2013, I was a bit of a miserable mess ... having just had a guy do the most bizarre backflip/back-pedal I've seen for quite a while. One minute talking about weekends away, holidays, and "really, really liking me", to radio silence. Complete radio silence. I very kind and considerate way of communicating to someone, who you supposedly "really, really like", that you're no longer interested.
After a few days of moping around and feeling generally miserable, I decided to snap out of it ... realising that his treatment of me was not acceptable, and that I didn't want to BE with someone who thought the silent treatment was ever okay for more than a day or two. It's so disrespectful to the other person and shows a complete disregard for their feelings.
What was equally bizarre was how he suddenly drifted back into communication, sending me random messages asking me how I was, what I was up to etc. By and large, I ignored these ... but I found it hard to ignore them all, as I always want to be the bigger person in these situations. I wanted to show him I was fine (which I am) and that I've got not hard feelings, which really - I don't. I'm disappointed, but relieved it didn't drag on for another three months.
Then, last Thursday, karma rewarded me. End to end, our story now looks a little something like this:
So, I'll give you a quick narrative. The idiot is on the left, the universe on the right. The universe sees fit to let him meet me, and give him my heart, he breaks it (on purpose). So the universe, kinda p*ssed off now, repays him.
The idiot messaged me last week, initially just asking "how is everything going". When I replied (GREAT, how about you?) ... the IDIOT tells me he's lost his job. Considering how stressed he was for money at the end of 2012 ... I know this is a big deal. I replied with a simple "sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you'll find something else soon". He replies with "yeah, I really hope so".
So I want to thank the universe for proving to me that karma DOES exist, and showing me how it repaid the idiot for the way he treated me. Of course, I feel bad for him and I hope he will be okay ... but, I feel vindicated :)

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